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Research Labs at SOCS

There are several research labs at SOCS. Click on the links below to go to the corresponding lab pages.

Advanced Networking Research, McConnell 224
Appearance Modelling Lab, McConnell 337
Compilers & Concurrency (Sable), McConnell 234
Computation and Logic Group, McConnell 225
Computation, Visualization & Shape Analysis, McConnell 408
Computational Complexity, McConnell 106
Computational Geometry, McConnell 311
Computational Structural Biology Group, 3rd floor Trottier
Computer Games, McConnell 231
Computer Graphics Lab, McConnell 110A
Crypto & Quantum Info., McConnell 104, 235
Discrete Mathematics, TBA
Distributed Infomation Systems, McConnell 102, 105
Distributed Simulation, McConnell 107
McGill Centre of Bioinformatics, Bellini Building and Trottier Bldg
Mobile Robotics, McConnell 416
Modelling, Simulation and Design, McConnell 202
Reasoning and Learning Lab, McConnell 111,112,108
Scientific Computing, McConnell 229
Software Engineering, McConnell 322
Software Evolution, McConnell 225