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The School of Computer Science has recently embarked on many new initiatives to spread the word about computer science. In particular, we strive to promote the breadth of the field and demonstrate the diversity of people studying and working in this area.

Today, computer science is at the core of our infrastructure and our society increasingly depends on it. Software monitors medical devices, manages our financial assets, and controls power plants. Wireless communication via cell-phones, palm pilots and laptops are pervasive. The Internet is a resource we cannot imagine to live without. Computer science is everywhere and influences profoundly our daily lives.

This has two consequences: First, some basic understanding of computer science will soon be as fundamental as knowing calculus, statistics, physics or biology. Second, the theoretical and practical foundations of computer science will be crucial to succeed in many disciplines. In fact, many analysts predict that the number of people trained for jobs in the computing industry will fall far short of the employment demand. Therefore the demand for computer scientist will grow offering excellent opportunities.

The School of Computer Science at McGill is taking the lead in Quebec to promote the breadth of computer science and its diverse community through different outreach efforts. Our highly successful summer camp where highschool students explore computer science and robotics for one week has been one of these highly successful efforts. In addition, we now offer the "roadshow", an initiative where students and professors will come to your highschool and give a lively, fun presentation about the wide range of opportunities in computer science and the diversity of people studying and working in this field. The roadshow presentation takes about 30 - 45 min and gives also students the chance to ask questions to the speaker. Ideally, we would like to visit a science class, but we are also happy to participate in an event after school.

School of Computer Science professors also give introductions to various aspects of computer science research intended for CEGEP-level audiences. Note that it is possible to invite a speaker for a presentations in French. Notez qu'il est possible d'inviter un conférencier pour une présentation en Français. Recent presentations include:

3 February 2010Dawson CollegeProf. Greg DudekMobile Robotics
3 April 2008MarianopolisProf. Doina PrecupTeaching Computers How to Make Conversation and Play Soccer
12 March 2008Dawson CollegeProf. Kaleem SiddiqiMedical Image Analysis
4 October 2007MarianopolisProf. Godfried ToussaintMathematical and Computational Aspects of Musical Rhythm

If you're interested in inviting a speaker from the School of Computer Science, please send email to