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Join Our Alumni List

We want to hear from you. We are building a SOCS Alumni Network, and would like to know where you are, what you have been doing, and what activities and events you'd like to see SOCS offer its alumns. We welcome your suggestions. Please send email to: Our alumni mailing list can help you stay in touch with your classmates and the School. We now monitor the postings, so you will not receive spam. You can also subscribe to our Alumni Mailing List.

Upcoming Alumni Events

The Director of Computer Sciences, Gregory Dudek, cordially invites all alumni and friends to a special cocktail reception. Come meet former classmates, professors and current students as you recall old times and learn about recent changes in the department.

Friday, October 12, 2012 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM

Faculty Lounge (Room 321)
McConnell Engineering Building
3480 University Street
Montreal, Quebec

July 24, 2012 to October 2, 2012

General FREE

Event Registrar
Phone: (514) 398‐8288

Past Alumni Events

Alumni Open House May 2008.

Recent Awards Won by SOCS Alumni

Dr. Maxime Descoteaux, currently an assistant professor at Univerity of Sherbrooke, obtained his M.Sc under the supervision of Prof. K. Siddiqi in Computer Science at Center for Intelligent Machines, McGill University and his B.Sc. with honors in Mathematics and Computer Science program at McGill University. He has won the Erbsmann award at IPMI 2009 for his paper "Diffusion Propagator Imaging: Using Laplace's Equation and Multiple Shell Acquisitions to Reconstruct the Diffusion Propagator". This prize is offered once every two years for the best paper at the conference by a first time presenter under the age of 35. For further details, click here.

Dr. Peter Savadjiev, Harvard University, obtained his B.Sc., Masters and Ph.D. at McGill University. He has won a 2009 Young Scientist Award at MICCAI for his paper "Local White Matter Geometry Indices from Diffusion Tensor Gradients". He is the only Canadian to win two such awards, his first paper "3D Curve Inference and Diffusion MRI Regularization" in 2005. For further details, click here.

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