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Welcome to Women@SOCS

Women@SOCS' mission is to create, encourage, and support women's academic, social and professional opportunities in computer science and to promote the breadth of the field and its diverse community. In general, the committee strives to promote a healthy and supportive community atmosphere for everyone within the School of Computer Science. Making a difference and solving problems serve as the basic motivating purposes of the organization. It is intended as a resource and link to other SOCS committees providing input on any matter relating its mission (for example: undergraduate curriculum, the climate for graduate students, recruitement etc).

The Women@SOCS Committee consists of women faculty within the School of Computer Science. It works closely with undergraduate and graduate students within the department and act as an advisory board for them.

News and Events

  • CRA Undergraduate Mentor program: This is a program to encourage undergraduate women in computer science and computer engineering to go to graduate school. It matches female students who have finished their second or third year of undergraduate studies with female professors for a summer of research and mentoring.
    Out of 10 women students funded by CRA, SOCS is hosting two women undergraduates from McGill who are participating in this program and won the CRA award. They are Monica Dinculescu and Caitlin Phillips. Both of them are working in the Reasoning and Learning Lab.
  • Prof. Laurie Hendren wins the Leo Yaffe Award for superior teaching at the undergraduate level in the Faculty of Science! he Leo Yaffe Award is given each year to "a member of the Faculty of Science for superior teaching at the undergraduate level in the Faculty of Science." Congratulations, Laurie!
  • Professional networking event for graduate women On March 31st, we had our first professional networking event for graduate women in the department! Kelly Lyons(IBM) who gave also an invited talk at the SOCS colloquium was our special guest. It was a great success! Between 15 and 20 graduate women and faculty attended this event. The plan is to offer such networking events at least once or twice a semester. If you want to help send e-mail to Brigitte Pientka (bp at