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There are currently no colloquium talks scheduled in the near future.

General Information

The SOCS colloquium is a weekly lecture series organized by the School of Computer Science at McGill University. The lectures are held during Fall and Winter semesters on Fridays from 2:30 to 3:30PM in McConnell room 12. An invited speaker presents interesting research in some area of computer science. See the schedule for more details and abstracts of upcoming talks.

The colloquium is not only a source of scientific inspiration, it is also a social event. Following the talk, snacks and drinks are served in the SOCS lounge, encouraging the attendees to continue questions and discussions on the talk in a more relaxed atmosphere. The intention is to encourage opportunities for networking among professors and post-docs, allows graduate (and undergraduate!) students to meet their professors in a more relaxed setting, and create a SOCS team spirit among the entire department.


Mailing List

If you want to receive notifications of upcoming seminars on a regular basis, you can subscribe to the SOCS colloquium mailing list. To do so, visit our mailman site

Attendance for Master Students

First year Computer Science master students are to attend the colloquium regularily. A student must have been to at least 10 colloquium talks (checked by means of an attendance list).

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