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Computer Science

The study of computer science encompasses everything from pure theory to hands-on applications including the analysis of algorithms, programming languages, compilers, databases, operating systems, robotics, computer vision, artificial intelligence and computational biology.

The School of Computer Science offers the following undergraduate programs in computer science:

  • Honours in Computer Science (72 credits)
  • Major in Computer Science (60 credits)
  • Minor in Computer Science (24 credits).
    Application forms are available here for
    students in the Faculty of Science and for Engineering students.
  • Minor in Computational Biology (24 credits).
    The application form can be found
  • Minor Concentration for Arts students (18 credits): The application can be found here.

Further information on all of these programs can be found in the McGill course calendar.

Students intending to pursue a Major in Computer Science or Software Engineering should have a reasonable mathematical background and should have completed MATH 140 (or MATH 150), MATH 141 (or MATH 151) and MATH 133, or their CEGEP equivalents. These three mathematics courses should have been completed with at least an average of B- and higher.

A background in Computer Science is not necessary as students may start their studies with the introductory course COMP 202. However, taking COMP 202 in the freshman year, or completing an equivalent course in CEGEP, would be an asset and allows students to take more advanced courses earlier in their program.