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Some students would like to gain valuable paid practical experiences during their degree studies. In Computer Science at McGill there are two good ways to do this. A work-oriented internship or industrial practicum can get you some work experience during your undergraduate studies.

Briefly, you must meet with the Internship Officer to register for the Science Internship Program (Sc.I.). IP/IYS openings are posted on the CAPS and ECC websites; you must apply (when you find an internship you are interested in) as instructed in the job openings. Selected interview candidates are notified by email by the internship office. Offers are made through the internship office to selected students.

Internship Year in Science (IYS)

The IYS is a paid 8, 12 or 16 month internship available to B.Sc. students. It is a career-related, professionally supervised, paid work term which allows you to experience firsthand the current practices and technologies in business and industry. If you prefer a shorter period, there is also an option of completing a 4-month Industrical Practicum.

The IYS program and the Industrial Practicum courses offer you the chance to test your career goals, gain confidence and experience and to return to your studies more focused, with a sense of where your academic careers might lead. Due to the longer work term, employers tend to assign IYS interns to significant projects which can be seen through from start to finish.

If you complete an IYS internship then this will be recognized by adding the clause "Internship Option" to your degree. The degree "Major in Computer Science" becomes "Major in Computer Science - Internship Option".

Industrial Practicum (IP)

Some students find an internship rather long, and would prefer a shorter work experience that might fit into the summer term. The Industrial Practicum works well for this situation. It is a 4-month work term. If you complete an Industrial Practicum you will have this recognized by having a 0-credit course called "Industrial Practicum" added to your transcript. If you complete two IPs the name of your program will change to include the word internship (e.g. Bachelor of Science - Internship Program - Computer Science).

More Information

If you would like to find out about the possibility of doing a 4, 8, 12 or 16 month internship during your studies which would be recorded on your transcript, please see Martine Dolmiere (Internship and Field Studies Officer). You can make an appointment by contacting her at or by calling 514-398-1063.

For more internships and contact information please refer to the Faculty of Science Internship Web Page.