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The McGill School of Computer Science currently has facilities in two buildings:

Trottier Building: Undergraduate Studies

Lorne M. Trottier Building Seen From University Street.

Established at McGill in 2003, the building is named in honour of Lorne Trottier, B.Eng. '70 and M.Eng. '73, whose generous donation permitted it's construction. Providing 24/7 access, Wi-Fi internet, seven computer laboratories, as well as spaces to complete group assignments, the facility is a favoured location for students. The Trottier building also houses Computer Science's undergraduate classrooms.

McConnell Building: Graduate Studies & Faculty Offices

John W. McConnell Seen From Milton Gates Square.

Donated by John McConnell, the building is home to the Computer Science faculty and graduate students. Also found here are the various laboratories conducting research into the everything from artificial intelligence to quantum cryptography.