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Here you can find directions on how to get to our facilities. Because McGill’s downtown campus is located at the base of Mont Royal, “north” is always easy to determine - it’s simply in the direction of “uphill”.

McConnell is located on the west side of University Street, at the intersection with Milton Street. The entrance is on the other side of the building: from University Street turn west to Milton Street and walk through Milton Gates; the entrance will be on your left.

Trottier is also on the west side of University Street, a little north of McConnell, at the intersection with Prince Arthur Street. The entrance is on University Street.

See also the McGill campus maps page to locate other buildings and units on campus.

By Public Transport, Metro or Bus or Bike

Take the Green Line train to McGill Station located at intersection of University and Maisonneuve streets. Exit to University Street and walk north (i.e., uphill) to McConnell and Trottier. The fare is $2.50 Canadian. Many different buses can also be taken to get to McGill including the 15, 24, 61, 125, 144, and 168. See the links below for more information. A city bike system called BIXI is also available throughout much of the year. Access to the system for one day is $5, and there are numerous bike stations throughout the city on city bike paths including one at the Milton entrance to McGill.

By Car

Parking on campus can be difficult, however a list of McGill lots and private off campus lots is available on the McGill visitor parking page. Please refer to Google Maps for advice on specific directions from your location.

From Central Train Station

The easiest way is to take a cab (costs around $7.00 Canadian + tip). Otherwise you can walk, which takes around 15 minutes. Exit to University Street and walk north (i.e., uphill) to McConnell and Trottier.

From Central Bus Station

Take a cab (costs around $11.00 Canadian + tip) or go by metro. The bus station is connected to Berri-UQAM metro station, from which you can take the Green Line train in the direction of Angrignon, and then follow the “By Metro” directions above.

From Trudeau International Airport

The easiest way is to take a cab. It costs around $38.00 Canadian (flat rate + tip) to downtown. Travel time is 15 to 35 minutes, depending on time of day. Otherwise take the 747 express bus for $7 to the central train station and walk (or take a cab).